Is Turmeric Really Beneficial for your Health?

If you haven’t really been living under the rocks all these years then you must be aware of the fact that turmeric of late has been endorsed zealously across the world for its range of health benefits including boosted memory, skin, and mood.

Who all are the endorsing turmeric?

From celebs to fitness rookies — turmeric has literally emerged as the “new kale”, the benefits of which are yet to be explored in all their glory! Health experts, on the other hand, have quite a different view to offer! To put it fair and square, turmeric – for them- is more of a fad rather than an enduring health trend. And, why exactly have such opinions surfaced? We will go on to explore answers to the question in the course of the post.

Epidemiologist Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz (Sydney) believes that turmeric is more of a health fad in spite of the fact that it is backed by some kind of “medicinal” taste. He spoke at length about this “Eastern Spice”—claiming that it draws its mystic quality from its origin itself (i.e. the fact that it comes from the East). The initial studies conducted in relation to the spice did render some scientific credibility to it as well. However, no long term beneficial aspects have been traced yet.

Is the Hype worth it?

However, it has been quickly pointed out that turmeric has actually ended up deriving its iconic status from one of its components called curcumin. And curcumin does have its own set of benefits in the offing. There are several studies that have actually ended up claiming that curcumin does have strong antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties that can help in the improvement of memory among patients with Alzheimer’s disease. In reality, however, curcumin is actually only 3% of turmeric.

So every one of you thinking that even sprinkling turmeric on your milk or latte will really end up doing a world of good— think again! So, do make sure that you are actually educating yourself thoroughly about the benefits of turmeric in their entirety before endorsing the same.

It has also been pointed out that in order to experience some real health benefits of turmeric, one has to take oodles of curcumin – which in turn means that he or she has to take loads of curry prepared with turmeric – which of course puts the efficacy of turmeric seriously in question.

The “connect” between health and turmeric: Final Words

It will be very difficult to experience the substantial benefit of turmeric just by using it in cooking. So, it can well be claimed that efficacy of turmeric as far as our health is concerned is clearly overrated and this is exactly where the problem lies.

Despite the fact that discussions regarding the over-estimation of turmeric as a health benefit has already started gathering fuel, the world at large is yet to wake up to the truth. Right from Starbucks to the major health stores – turmeric in some form is possibly every where!

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