Why Your Workout Might Be Making You Bloated


Everyone knows that exercise activity and workout are strongly recommended to enjoy the full healthy and fit living as well as to boost up very fast weight loss process. But are you feeling bloated while doing a workout on regular basis? What would be your feelings when seeing a bloated stomach in the mirror instead of a flat belly? Yes, it would be disappointing after doing a variety of different arduous workout activities. if you are also doing a grueling workout to get your body in shape but it is puffing your belly up rather than making it flat, then you have come to the right place because the topic ‘why your workout might be making you bloated’ will be discussed in a detailed manner in the next part of writing. A bloated stomach or belly might be what you are eating or drinking before and after the workout but you should not worry about the situation because bringing some positive changes up can make the situation well. For this purpose, you must discern reasons regarding how a workout can make you bloated. The following can be some major reasons that why you feel bloated even after doing the workout.

Improper breathing

While doing a profound workout to make your muscle stronger, it can be normal for you to forget the breath properly and it can cause bloated stomach. Improper breathing during the exercise or workout session is something unsafe that not only averts you to avail the benefits of workout but can also bring some serious health concerns in your way of healthy living.

Abnormal or overeating

Eating too much diet or food is the commonly known cause of bloating that can make you disappointed when working towards weight loss goals without enjoying desired outcomes. It is clear that it takes more time to digest fats than proteins, and when you eat fat-rich foods before doing a workout, it can make you bloated.

Water retention

When your blood has an unhealthy balance of salt, water retention arises which is one of the major causes of abdominal bloating. You must consult with your personal trainer or fitness expert in order to stay away from issues related to water retention.

Beans consumption

If you are a beans lover then chances are you will feel the bloating issues after doing a workout. These are rich in carbohydrates and often times hard to digest. When your stomach unable to digest the diet properly you have eaten, it becomes bloating and also prevents you to enjoy the true benefits of the workout.

Chewing gum is another big reason

When you are chewing gum or candy it causes excess air in your stomach which is not good and leads to bloating. Gas in the abdomen can not only cause bloating but may also give overall physical discomfort.


There can be many other reasons about why your workout might be making you bloated based on what type of living style you own. There is no need to worry about the temporary bloating but if you are facing the issue endlessly, don’t be late and visit the doctor to get the situation right as soon as possible in order to stay away from serious medical issues.


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